The New Master of Spinjitzu is a fan-made sequel to A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu.


Since the defeat of the Overlord, the world has been in peace. However, a new evil force attacks Ninjago, the Ninja then choose to try and protect their hard earned peace, but are overpowered and captured. However, Dan is able to get away, and when he sees there's no other choices, he begins to train the Ninja's children to protect Ninjago and become the New Masters of Spinjitzu!



Fruit Kota (Tara Strong)
Courage Roll (Kate Higgins)
Balance Mighty (Michael Adamthwaite)
Water Zero (Jason Griffith)
Love Currently Unknown

Allies to the NinjasEdit



Season 1Edit

1. Episode 1- The Kid Ninjas

2. Episode 2- The Dark Side of Jay and Zane