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Welcome to the Ninjago Fanon Wiki, where you can create your own stuff about LEGO Ninjago!

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This is a fanon wiki where people can feel free to put fan-made stuff about Ninjago like places, characters, and other stuff, along with real Ninjago stuff! Just as long as it has something to do with Ninjago. 

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The Monastery of Spinjitzu

This image has the best scenery of all the current pictures on this wiki. It pictures the Monastery of Spinjitzu on the Mountains of Impossible Height. In it reside the four Ninja of Spinjitzu, Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane, and Sensei Wu. Other resident are Ninja Squirels, Rabbits, and Tortoises.

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Sensei Wu is the sensei of the Monastery of Spinjitzu. He recruited...Read More

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Lego Ninjago Season 5 Revenge of the SerpentineEdit

the featured article is: Lego Ninjago Season 5 Revenge of the Serpentine. Please check it out.

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Ninjago: Out In The Space

A fanfiction series of fake ninjago by Mctalwolfer with cool Snakes, Nindroids, Aliens, New ninja and more.