• Lucy's bow (Weapon)
  • Lucy in Elemental Robe
  • Lucy in Deep Stone Armor
  • Lucy's Elemental Insigna (Sign) of Wind for the back of her Ninja suits
  • Lucy's Spinjitzu
  • Lucy in a Princess Gown
  • Lucy's True Potential
  • Lucy's Spinjitzu Vehicle: The Wind Off roader 2.0
  • Lucy's Wind Cycle (Used when her Spinjitzu Vehicle is destroyed completely)
  • Star Swirl: Lucy's dragon
  • Lucy getting choked by Anacondrai Warrior
  • Lucy trapped in vengenet
  • Lucy (Middle) disguised as a Kibooki
  • Lucy getting squeezed by Constrictai general, Skalidor
  • Lucy harnessing golden power
Lucia James Rose, also known as Lucy, is the Pink Ninja of Wind. (No, she is not Morro's sister or daughter).

Lucy is an 18 year-old Princess living in the kingdom of Ladarius with a 9 year-old brother named Johnathan, also known as John, her pets: Snowflake, a white kitten, Spots, a white puppy with brown and black spots, and a few horses named, Shadow, Misty, Lucky, and Thunder, her parents: King Peter and Queen Sara, and then don't forget her awful, mean Aunt Margareta who hates Ninja and Lucy herself.

Lucy is a girl who is sweet, beautiful, kind, and always willing to help out in any situation. Even if it means costing her life. She also lives with her dragon, Star Swirl, a Pink female dragon who saved Lucy's life at 9 years of age when Lucy fell from a cliff she was climbing. Eversince that happened, they became the best of friends.

Lucy became a Ninja when she unexpectedly met Sensei Wu. He asked her if she wanted to be a Ninja. And having no parents around because of her Father's supposed death and her Mother's disappearance, she said yes. That's when she met Sensei's Ninja team. Kai, the Red Ninja of Fire, Jay, the Blue Ninja of Lightning, Zane, the White Ninja of Ice, and Cole, the Black Ninja of Earth.

When Lucy saw Cole, she noticed that Cole was becoming more shy around her. Then one day, he told her that he had feelings for her. Love feelings. And Star Swirl fell in love with Cole's dragon, Rocky!

That was when Lucy felt more and more closer to Cole. And it was Cole who always helped her out of dangerous situations. (Eventually, both became more than friends.)