Skeals becoming new snake king & main antagonist

Lord Skales




Warrior (formely), General, Snake King, Dark Overlord (planned in season 4)


Lots Of Elements

Favorite Weapon

Snake Staff,Spear



Skales is the main antagonist in Ninjago ready season 3 & planned season 4 (secondary antagonist in the ready season 2). his favourite weapon is a Snake Staff.

he started a long time ago as the generals main warrior.

his best friends are Pythor , Fangtom, Skalidor & Memzo .


probably, the Jawsnake general were once his father's lord (like he was the king of snakes) well the Jawsnakes probably got captured in the dungeon of the Temple Of Light and they where so far away & lonley from the other snakes houses that Pythor forgot to rescue them to. when Skales was born, he became a very gready & noughty little snake like boy. when he was 14 years old, he became the hypnobri warrior. when he was 16 years old, he turned into Pythor's main vice. now, he is the current snake king & main antagonist . in future he will probably be the new dark overlord.

Ninjago - Out To SpaceEdit

He is since the 3rd season the snake king and he summons all the snakes to help Ace and later the digital overlord. He appears as a main antagonist