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Episode 2 - Extreme TroubleEpisode 2 - PoisonedEpisode 2 - Poisoned (bloopers)
Episode 3- The Mission of the NinjaEpisode 30- No More Ninja (Part 2)Episode 31- No Such Thing as "Fair"
Episode 32- Comic Book NinjaEpisode 33- Strike of the SnakeEpisode 34- World without Ninja (Part 1)
Episode 35- World without Ninja (Part 2Episode 35- World without Ninja (Part 2)Episode 35 (fanon): The Rage Of The Darkness
Episode 36- Head for Snake HQ (Part 1)Episode 36 (fanon): EnergizedEpisode 37- Head for Snake HQ (Part 2)
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Episode 3 - Too Much CommotionEpisode 4- NinjagoEpisode 40- The True Enemy (Part 3)
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Episode 44- The Final Battle (Part 2)Episode 45- The Final Battle (Part 3)Episode 46- The Final Battle (Part 4)
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Episode 4 - Too Much Hot SauceEpisode 5- TeamworkEpisode 50 - Sokko And Zerox Strike
Episode 55: The University of WizardsEpisode 56: WitchcraftEpisode 57: Badlands of Wisdom
Episode 58: Bite of the beastEpisode 59: Hocus PocusEpisode 5 - Anti Venom
Episode 5 - Once Bitten, You RottenEpisode 6- The Team joinsEpisode 6 - Silver Power
Episode 7- The Sensei's pastEpisode 7 - The Rock And The ShockEpisode 8- Family
Episode 8 - One BrotherEpisode 9- LloydEpisode 95- The Jaxx Equation
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