whats a snake king?Edit

a snake king is the leader of all the snakes. he has to be a serpentine, he has to be stronger than other snakes and he has to be brave. the first snake king was the unknown father of Zuzin. he came from the strongest, scariest & most evil tribe of snake called the Jawsnake and because Pythor was so scared of them he didn't rescue them when he wanted to unite the snakes.

list of snake kingsEdit

list of snake kings
Name Tribe Reason To Be Snake King Prommises Favorite Weapon Main Vice
Unknown Jawsnake he is so feared that no body wanted to argue with him I will be the only lord of Ninjago! The Unation Snake Staff & His Crown Unknown (probably another general or his own warrior)
Skales Hypnobrai Fangtom & him united and made one army. because no other snake united yet Skales became the new snake king. We & The Fangpyres will unite and be one army Hypnobrai Staff Fangtom
Pythor Anacondri no body wanted him to be king, but Skales wanted to get a higher rank so Skeals helped Pyhor to win in a venom pitt fight All the Snakes shall unite and i shall rescue the great devorer Silver Fangblade & Anacondri Staff Skales
Lord Garmadon because he told the snakes that if they come with him he wont murder them Come with me. or else! Memzo
Lord Skales Hypnobri (after he died and returned he came back with 0.2% of Anacondri) because he pushed Lord Garmadon of the helicopter and that shows that he is inteligent, brave & strong. We shall control the galaxy or even more and thats why we are serpentine! Samukai
Acidicus Venomari Skales wanted to destroy the sun and that sounded for the dark army to evil so Acidicus ledd them to a light destiny we shall help the ninjas and be a light army! Pythor

Types of Serpentine/Serpentine TribesEdit

  • Hypnobrai
  • Fangpyre
  • Constrictai
  • Venomari
  • Spikeradai
  • Anacondrai (Possibly Deceased)
  • Jawsnake