Lego Ninjago Year Of The pirates is based on The show and sequel to Lego Battles Ninjago it is set to release in Mid 2012 or Early 2013 for PS3 PS Vita Nintendo DS Wii 3DS & Xbox 360


Kai Zane Cole Jay & Lloyd must face The Pirates and their fierce leader when they plan on finding all pieces to the Sword of evil pirates so The ninjas must fight to save Ninjago.

Playable Characters

Kai / Red Ninja of fire

Weapons Fire Sword

Strength Power of Creation and wisdom

Zane / White Ninja of Ice

Weapons shurikens of ice

Strength - Stealth

Cole / Black Ninja of earth

Weapons - golden Earth spear

Strenghth - Attack

Jay / Blue Ninja of Lighting

Weapons nunchucks of lighting

Strength - Speed

Lloyd Garmadon / Green Ninja

Weapons Super Bolt Gold Katana Golden Thunder Bolt Golden Snake

Strength - Distraction


Captain Brent Garmadon