Season 1, Episode 9
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Lloyd is the 9th episode of A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu


Dan and Zane get back to the Monastery with Lloyd, who is super happy to see his father again. Lloyd leads them to a secret cave which is where he's been living, and he shows them several Dragons for the Ninjas to fly on.

The Serpentine begin to attack on the other end of Ninjago, so the Ninja use their new Dragons to get to the enemy. However the Ninja fail to control their Dragons. So Lloyd shows them the ropes. Then he's brought back to the Monastery.

The Serpentine Generals are told to destroy Lloyd, Sensei Wu and the Ninjas.


  • The Ninja (san Dan) get their Dragons in this episode.
  • Lloyd moves in with the others.


  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Jay - Michael Adamthwaite
  • Cole - Kirby Morrow
  • Zane - Brent Miller
  • Dan- Quinton Flynn
  • Lloyd- Corey Bringas
  • Sensei Wu/Acidicus - Paul Dobson
  • Fangtom - Mackenzie Gray
  • Skalidor - John Novak