One Brother
Season 3, Episode 8
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Snake Scape
One Brother is the Season 3 finale in Slither Fighters.


Ben is worried that his friend Kai has been turned into a snake. Suddenly, he returns to the Trekker Tracker with a surprise - a snake locator. It helps the ninjas know where there enemies are.

Although the ninjas have been defeated, two skeletons come to the TT and decide that they do not want the weapons since they couldn't handle all four of them at once. The ninjas have not won yet! A Mini Devourer (the one in The Fourth Fangblade and The Venom Wars) comes, followed by Garmadon who says he is planning more revenge.

Each Serpentine that was seen in the previous episode centered Kai and imprisoned him using the Tornado of Snakes. The Tornado of Snakes is a special move that the Serpentine soldiers and only the Serpentine soldiers can do. It imprisons or poisons an enemy using absolutely nothing. But seconds Kai got saved by Ben who got his full potential.

Season 4 to come soon! It, as well as Season 5, is all about vehicles.