Silver Power
Season 3, Episode 6
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Silver power is the 20th episode in Slither Fighters.


Garmadon is leading Frakjaw and Nuckal into the dojo where he meets Lloyd and Sensei Wu. The other ninjas were either on holiday or fighting snakes in the Forest Of Tranquility. Each skeleton is holding two of the four golden weapons, but in silver color.

Garmadon plans to paint them gold, steal the real golden weapons, and give back the fake ones in return. However, the paint dries off but the fake shuriken had permanent paint on it. Sensei Wu got really mad from his brother, but Frakjaw said it was Nuckal's idea. Then Nuckal says it was Frakjaw's idea.


In the end part, Frakjaw seems to act like Kruncha.