Too Much Commotion
Season 1, Episode 3
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"Tell me! I'm your father!" -Garmadon to the green ninja

Too much commotion (formerly Heavyweight) is the third episode of Ninjago Slither Fighters.


Lloyd discovers he is the green ninja but steps on a fangblade buried in the dojo. Chokun comes to get it and launches a poison missile at Lloyd. Ben comes to the dojo and he fights some Training Dummies. Suddenly Chokun and the Skullkin army arrive at the scene. Garmadon comes and he discovers Lloyd is the green ninja because he says "Hi Dad!" and then Garmadon asks bunches of USELESS QUESTIONS. Mezmo and Lizaru come to the Dojo to ask Lloyd where Lloyd is, because they don't know he is the green ninja.

This episode got its name from the fact that lots of villains and Ben came to the dojo. Probably because the green ninja status was revealed in Ninjago City News but it didn't say who it would be.