A cloud of darkness
Season 3, Episode 1
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Extreme Trouble

This is the first episode of the third season of Slither Fighters.


Garmadon is seen entering the Dojo and shoots out darkness to sicken all the Ninja. A line of Venomari snakes were sighted behind him, again, willing to make the ninja under more poison. However, Lizaru, staff in hand, was granted unearthly power to make any weapon or Spinjitsu attack INDESTRUCTIBLE. However the Ninja were still un-poisoned enough to do the Tornado Of Creation, which made a large medicine and snake trap. Spitta was not in the battle because he was in one of the Energy Apple Trucks.

While shooting apples, Spitta drove his truck ON TOP OF THE TRAP, to destroy the vehicle. Because of this, the city's airport was not functioning because they needed a truck to deliver the baggages onto the planes.