The Purple Ninja?
Season 1, Episode 15
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The Purple Ninja is the 15th episode of A different interpretation Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu


With Nya and Lloyd's help, the SamuraiMecha is now capable of merging with the MegaNinjaRobo to form the SamuraiNinjaRobo! Then the group gets attacked by a Purple Ninja, who's only after Zane.

The Purple Ninja uses a beam to get rid of the Green Ninja, but Cole gets in the way of the beam. However, something begins to happen to Cole and the Purple Ninja retreats.


  • This is the first episode with Nya as a major character and she is also added into the intro.
  • Debut of the Purple Ninja.


  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Jay - Michael Adamthwaite
  • Cole - Kirby Morrow
  • Zane - Brent Miller
  • Dan- Quinton Flynn
  • Lloyd- Corey Bringas
  • Nya- Elieen Stevens
  • Purple Ninja- ???